What we're about

We do not buy and sell real estate; the group is purely to share information and network with each other.

We alternate Meetups monthly between Presentations from top property educators & professionals along with everyday investors who show us the DEALS they are doing RIGHT NOW! and;

Having fun playing ‘Cashflow 101’ (The board game that teaches investors how to exit the rat race!)

Join Melbourne's fastest growing Property Investment Meetup:

-You will learn how to create wealth with Property Investment from experienced guest speakers

- You will make new friends who share your interest in Property Investment

- You will exchange contacts with your potential property investment joint venture partners

- Ask questions about your specific property investment situation

- Get tips and learn from property investors of various backgrounds and experience levels

- Make property deals

- Much more… You get all this by just turning up!

Upcoming events (1)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Cashflow 101 - Cross Keys Hotel

Cross Keys Hotel

Join the Melbourne Property Network group as we run our next Cashflow event. Meet at the The Cross Keys Hotel Bistro for a 10:30 start for Cashflow then networking and lunch at around 12:30pm. You can become financially independent by learning how to produce passive, residue income through your assets that exceed your total expenses. Thus, freeing wasted time from working for money to having more time to be wealthier, spending time with your family, or doing the things you're passionate about and living the life of your dreams. You can achieve this by learning how to play the Cashflow 101 & 202 board game, and how to have money work for you instead of working for money. Wealth is not determined by how much money you make but rather by your net worth. What you keep and what you do with it is more important than making money. According to Robert Kiyosaki author of best selling "Rich Dad Poor Dad," wealth is measured by the number of days the income from your assets that will sustain you. The longer you can live without working, the wealthier you are.

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