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Goffee Meetup!
Saturday afternoon, let's have some coffee and/or chocolate and a chat.. New people welcome, goths, steampunks, ravers, cybers, kinky, alt of any flavour folks of all genders, colours, shapes, creeds and flavours welcome. Everyone is welcome. You don't have to send us private messages asking if you are welcome, you are welcome. (Are we clear on that now? Awesome.) We will be meeting at the Riverside Food Court. If you're not sure how to get to the food court, please refer to the map on this event page; if you need further assistance, feel free to shoot us a message and we will be happy to help.

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The Melbourne Alt / Goth Meetup is a place where like meets like... if you're a goth or part of one of the other alt scenes, and you'd enjoy meeting some new friends, then join the fun! We slurp coffee, share meals, skulk about galleries, and dance the night away!

The FAQ:

What's expected of me, as a member of this Meetup?

Members are expected to treat everyone else in the group with respect. Abusive/ Racist/ Bigoted/ Sexist/ Homophobic/ otherwise offensive behaviour, either online or at meetups will result in you being booted. You're also expected to treat our venues with respect, if for no other reason, so that we continue to have access to them. That means following their rules about noise, age limits/licensing laws, not disturbing other patrons, not bringing outside food/drinks into their venue and whatever other rules they might have. It also means paying for your meal and not leaving one of your fellow members to pick up the tab. People who steal from our venues (by not paying) will be booted. "Expect" is too strong a word, but you're also ENCOURAGED to fill out your profile, add a pic, turn up to meetups, participate in message board discussions.. and of course have some fun.

Is it okay for me to advertise my stuff on list?

If it's of interest to goths, and it's not all the time or too much, then, sure! Don't abuse it though, because if we get flooded with ebay/advertising stuff we will have to nuke the lot. You've been warned!

How about my religious group, can I advertise that?

Absolutely not. There are a wide variety of faiths amongst our membership, so you're bound to tick someone off! Discussing religion in a culture of mutual respect is all good and well - trying to push your religious views on others is not.

Any other rules etc I should know about?

I would have liked to think this would go without saying, but apparently not. ANYONE who tries to sell or score drugs at a meetup will not only be chucked out of the group, but WILL be reported to the cops. What you do in your own time is your own business - but what you do at a meetup is my responsibility, and quite frankly, I'm not prepared to take the rap for someone else's habit/stupidity/dickheadedness etc. 'nuff said.

Calls for "Vigilante Justice" (what a misnomer that is) or any calls for violence against others is NOT WELCOME and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on this list. There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with this stuff - and baying for blood on a message board is NOT THE RIGHT WAY to do it. It's bloody stupid from a liability/culpability point of view for a start. And bloody stupid way to think anyway if you ask me. I won't have hatred on this list. Yes, people who bash us/rape us/hurt us/rob us/wrong us etc etc etc are SCUM. Yes, we're rightfully angry when these events occur. Yes, we support the sharing of such stories for support/advice etc. Calls for Vigilantism however are not welcome. This is a boot/ban offense.

How about those emos/metalheads/cheerleaders/jazz fans/soccer players - they suck, right?

Umm.. no. There is a very wide range of interests on this list, including people from one or more of the above categories and many many many more besides. As goths, many of us have suffered persecution because of our lifestyle so we know just how much that sucks - let's not spread the harm. In this group we have a "live and let live" approach, so "bashing" of others just for the sake of it is just not on. This group is about finding common ground with other members, not banding together to bag other people. No one subculture/interest etc etc has the monopoly on idiots - we ALL have our share.

I'm shy about meeting new people.

Everyone was a bit nervous the first time they came to a meetup. Some people are nervous EVERY time they come to a meetup. It's okay! It takes courage to show up, and we appreciate that. We're always welcoming to new members, because we remember what it was like to be one ourselves. Not everyone is expected to be an extrovert (thank goodness because the few of us who are loud are plenty loud enough for everyone!!).

Am I "Goth Enough" to come along?

Simply, Yes. It's not a competition and no-one is going to judge you on your "gothness". There's no dress code for the meetups. As a general rule people tend to dress up a bit more for the weekend meets because they are going off to a club, but it is by no means necessary! Lots of us come straight from work/uni/school to a meet and are dressed as such. Don't feel stressed about this. We don't care how goth (or not) you are. If you're a friendly, nice person you'll be welcomed. If you act like a dickhead you will suffer the slings, arrows and snubs of the multitude. Your choice!

I have a great idea for the Meetup, who do I tell?

You have ideas, suggestions, gripes, questions?? Great! Post it to the message board and see what everyone else thinks!! If you would prefer to discuss/ask something privately, you can you contact me using the "Contact Me" link under my pic, which appears on the left of most pages.

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