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We feel Azure security just doesn't get enough love. All that sexy DevSecOps, automation, config drift detection and event driven response stuff just seem far away from Azure.

So this meetup group is to give Azure some love, share our learning, tricks and pains.

If you are using Azure, you are planning to use Azure, you've never heard of Azure, you prefer Azure as a colour, you are a security dude/gal, you are an architect, you are a cloud nerd or you just feel like getting involved - you are welcome.

For each meetup event, we will try to accommodate different palates and arrange speakers/topics with combination of high level Azure GRC (some say fluffy) stuff as well as low level (some say hardcore) security deep dives.

We will also consolidate the Q&A at the end of all 3 presentations and give our sponsor airtime to talk about what they do.

All in all, you should be expecting good honest talks, information sharing and a bit of chat with like-minded people over a beverage.

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Build an AppSec program on Github

Online event

AppSec programs have traditionally struggled to deliver Code Scanning solutions that engage and keep pace with engineering teams. The team at Afterpay set out to build a Code Scanning program that provides high data and high engagement. Come join as they share their experience and demonstrate some phenomenal GitHub functionality.

After spending some time wowing organisations with his consulting skills, Alex Rozenweig has taken on the challenging role of security engineering at Afterpay. With a background ranging from helpdesk to solutions architecture, Alex brings a broad range of experiences and skills to the table, which has helped him to develop robust application security tooling using Github.

Depending on feedback from the May 20 event, this will proceed either in a hybrid format (Online & in-person) or just Online.

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