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    This group is exclusively for Men who feel or define themselves as Same Sex Attracted, Hetero Flexible, Bi-curious, Sexually Fluid, Pansexual or Bi-sexual (ONLY); essentially those men sitting on the scale moving from straight towards gay, who don’t identify as gay and who may or may not struggle with their sexual identity. (As there are plenty of LGBTI groups for men of all sexual identities and persuasions, membership is specifically for those who 'personally identify' with the above description. Please ensure you meet the above criteria before joining this group, so it can serve the specific needs of this under-supported group of Men).

    IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE (you can go elsewhere for that) Any posts asking to meet at sex venues or similar will NOT BE TOLLERATED. Members failing to abide by these rules will be removed from the group.

    The groups purpose is to build friendships, brotherhood and a greater sense of self acceptance with other Men who are just like us. It's the only group of its type for Melbourne Men on Meetup. We aim to make our events low key, confidential, safe, accessible and comfortable to encourage all men, including shy men nervous about attending, to come along. (Private message me if you're feeling apprehensive about attending, and we'll talk it through).
    Let’s share some awesome friendship!


    Men who identify with this group are represented in statistics associated with high rates of male suicide. This group offers a place for discussion, connection, validation and support. You may have sustained moments of confusion, loneliness and isolation in the past. Often this stress is experienced without anyone to turn to, let alone confide in. For example, you may feel a strong sense of belonging to 'the mainstream community of Men' and fear or have feared being ostrasized by them if you disclose aspects of your sexuality.

    Discussion boards are there for us to share about life and to support each other. Again, this isn't a group for sex hook ups. (Dating apps exist for that, so don’t post comments or threads of that nature, or you may be banned).

    So...this group is your place to find a sense of brotherhood and belonging. Use it to your advantage in support of your health and well-being.


    We are not associated with any organisations. You won't find us fighting for bisexual rights because we consider ourselves to be just Men who are looking to build trusted friendships with like minded guys. The group essentially provides a space for Men like us to meet, hang out, chat and share (full stop). We don't have a political agenda either, aside from 'equality' being a basic human right for all.

    We understand there is a high chance you, like other members in this group, want their membership to remain private. So, we will meet at an obscure local pub or park or beach without worrying about bumping into people we know. Not that we should be concerned, because this is a Men's Social Group for Health and Well-being. And should you bump into someone you know, you can refer to the event as a 'one off' fundraiser in support of 'Men's Health' (gold coin donations will go to a chosen Men’s non profit organisation on the night).

    NOTE: This site is NOT open to the general public - its for members only and will be run accordingly. Venues are only disclosed to members of the group. There will not be a 'sign' promoting the group name or reason for meeting. We will display a 'non representative symbol' as an identification for the 'meetup' at the venue.

    So come and join us!


    Please provide some details when joining the group. More than a one liner at the very least, you might want to share your age, relationship status, interest and why you want to join the group. Anything you want to share. This meetup groups settings are set on ‘private’, which is not reversable.

    GROUP NORMS ('the spirit of the group' and conditional member behaviours for both sharing on this site and in person at Group activities)

    - Confidentiality

    - Acceptance

    - Discretion

    - Safety

    - Respect

    - Good will

    - Being Accountable & Responsible for your actions

    - Brotherly friendship (actively listening to a man's sharing, not offering advice unless asked, offering authentic support and care where required)

    IMPORTANT: Events are 'social gatherings only'. By joining this group you accept the 'Group Norms' as terms and conditions of your membership.

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