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What we’re about

Melbourne Career Development Group is a monthly, Melbourne based event focussed on your career growth and success.

If you are a job seeker, have been made redundant, are considering a career transition, are new to the job market, feeling stuck, unhappy in your career, just arrived in Melbourne or completing your studies - you will find value in attending our events. 

We will provide you with information on navigating the job market - you will learn the key tools you need, gain insights on challenges and how to overcome them and develop a plan for a successful career journey.

To support your career we provide a learning environment where you can connect with experts from a variety of industries for valuable insights. You will develop strong connections and build relationships with others. We’ll discuss the challenges. We’ll delve into some practical activities. We’ll even help you advance your career.

Join us for a great event that will be sure to be a key driver to motivate and support you to career success!