What we're about

A Meetup to help break down the barriers between devs, ops and security teams in our big bad world of automation!

We have a slack team too - Click here for invite to our slack channel. (https://join.slack.com/t/devsecopsmelb/shared_invite/enQtNDY4MTYxNTk2OTk2LTIyYzk2YzQxY2RkYzQ4ZTlhZmZhY2YxNGI1M2IzNTZhNjY4NTlkOTFmNzdhODMwMWJmMjg1Y2E4OTY4NDQyYjk)

We're part of the @meetupmadness group, catching up monthly to discuss all of the aspects of security that *everybody* needs to be across these days. We're helping to increase knowledge and experience to help with more of a shared security paradigm.

See you at the next gig!

Past Events

Infrastructure as Code Security

Online event

Compliance in AWS for BEGINNERS

Online event

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