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What we’re about


Welcome! Melbourne Men's Group (MMG) is an incorporated, not for profit, tax deductible registered charity and volunteer organisation of men, for men founded in 1998.

MMG offers regular, reliable and highly trusted Men's Group meetings, personal growth workshops and mentoring, in addition to an active network of like minded men.

Meetings are free; open to any man of any age; and accessible. At meetings there is no Agenda, no 'presentation from an expert', no-one trying to sell you anything and no-one trying to 'fix' you! Counselling and/or professional advice is not offered nor provided at meetings.

What we have recognised over 25 years is that good relationships are ‘good medicine’ – they keep us healthier and happier, period. The vulnerability and depth that exists, how safe you feel sharing, the extent to which you can relax and be seen for who you truly are, and to see another, is foundational to happiness. In that regard, an 80 year Harvard study has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier.

Note: you will not be asked what your job is, how much money you earn, the type of car you drive or the football team you follow - that 'currency' has no value here.

The organisation has no political or religious affiliations.

Our leadership team ranges in age from 25 to 70 years of age. Details about the MMG team can be found on our website here.

We have a 'three no-show' policy on RSVP's. If you don't attend a meeting that you have committed to attend, and this happens three times, it is likely that you will be unregistered from the Meetup group.

The men that participate in MMG meetings and learning programs are typically between 20-70 years of age.  There are meetings held at 5 different locations each month: 
• Central Chapter - Collingwood (1st Tuesday) 
• Southern Chapter - Highett (2nd Tuesday)
• Western Chapter - Werribee South (3rd Tuesday),
• Eastern Chapter - Doncaster East (4th Tuesday), and 
• Online via Zoom - 5th Tuesday of long months

Authentic Man – Face 2 Face Focus Group
To supplement the regular men's group meetings, the Authentic Man – Face 2 Face focus group offers a more in depth  opportunity to explore what may be going on for you by allowing the ability for other men to actively discuss issues. This is facilitated by one of our members who is a professional counsellor/facilitator. More details can be found here.

The patron of Melbourne Men's Group is world renowned author, family activist and psychologist Steve Biddulph AM.

What happens at Meetings?

MMG meetings focus on a Talking Circle as the primary means of interaction. The talking circle is an equitable, non-judgemental setting where everyone has the opportunity to genuinely share and learn, leveraging collective wisdom to promote insight and personal growth.

By participating in the meetings you have the opportunity to:

• increase real connection
• be listened to and genuinely heard
• be safe sharing feelings and perspectives
• speak honestly, openly and confidentially without judgement
• develop authentic friendships.


Meeting Agreements:
By joining the Melbourne Men's Group you agree that:

To the best of your ability, you speak (and listen) from the heart to share how you are feeling

  • whoever holds the talking stick, holds the floor, while everyone else listens
  • you can pass the talking stick along without speaking
  • immediate response/feedback is not offered by other members
  • counselling and/or professional advice is not offered or provided at meetings
  • anything discussed within the talking circle remains completely confidential
  • personal insights can be shared with other group members after the talking circle is closed.

We believe it is important for Men to invest in ongoing personal growth to (i) deepen emotional intelligence, take responsibility for our lives and move toward a balanced mature masculinity, and (ii) to be as good as we can be for ourselves and for the people around us.

So, we encourage Men to consider investing in personal growth programs including our flagship 'Awakening the Conscious Man' Intensive and Knowing the Conscious Man residential as well as other men's growth work (e.g. The Mankind Project or Soulcraft ANZ, Menergy etc ).

Terms and Conditions: Melbourne Men’s Group Inc. activities can, for some people, be physically and psychologically challenging – for the safety of all, we envisage you'll be in good physical, mental and emotional health. In that regard, please read the Terms and Conditions for engaging with Melbourne Men's Group Inc. activities here.

Contributions to cover the cost of the Men’s group activities are not required but are greatly appreciated!! These can be made via our website, or using your bank account PayID: payments or in person via EFTPOS.

Web sites: Melbourne Men’s GroupFacebook
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