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Learn to Meditate: The Natural Path

The Natural Path, also known as Sahaj Marg, is a meditation practice based on inner experience. Meditation can help us develop a constant balanced state, a deep sense of connection with our inner selves and a lasting direction and meaning to our lives. More and more people across the globe are turning to meditation, realizing that in order to reach our full potential as complete, balanced human beings, our inner spiritual longings must be addressed along with the material demands of daily life. It is a simple way to open the heart, creating peace of mind, inner happiness and transformation.
People from all backgrounds, cultures and faiths benefit by practicing this modern-day form of raja yoga daily, finding that it brings positive change towards life. Ongoing support is offered, free of charge, in over one hundred countries.

As a bird needs two wings to fly,
so a human being needs the two wings of existence,
the spiritual and the material,
to lead a natural and harmonious life.

We welcome all willing seekers 18 years and over.

We have 3 new centers -

Murrumbeena, Burwood East and Brighton

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