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OSGi is a dynamic and modular Java framework that has been introduced in 2000 with the most current version 6.0 released in June 2014. It has been used in many large-scale extendable systems, notably Eclipse, ProSyst and Atlassian. Yet OSGi is notoriously known for its difficulty in adoption. This is not due to the architecture or flexibility. On the contrary, every one who knows OSGi would say it is a great framework. The difficulty lies in lack of community and tooling. It also partially lies in the fact that it has garnered much less funding/support compared to its counterpart J2EE. Recent developments in cloud computing, micro services, and IoT appear to change the trend as the industry strives for lightweight enterprise-level micro services frameworks. Google trends show increase in OSGi searches since November 2014. More and more tooling is available, such as Eclipse Kuro, Eclipse PDE, mvn Tyco, Bnd and mvn bundle plugin. It is the perfect time to get involved and create community behind OSGi. There are two main objectives of this meet up; the first bring OSGi developers together and the second to bring OSGi developers and industry together. In order to achieve the first objective, we will: - Support the developer community by sharing best practices - Provide hands on workshops and tutorials for real world problems - Integrate with other popular technologies In order to achieve the second objective, we will attempt to reduce the adoption cost by: - Supporting the open-source community in leading projects - Engage with industry for jobs and employment So if you are as enthusiastic as us about the potential of OSGi in the new world, please come and meet with us, showcase your skills and learn more about OSGi.

Please take a lot at our OSGi based iot framework. https://daghanacay.github.io/iot/osgi/2016/09/11/EasyIotReady.html

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Demonstrate IoT framework

State Library of Victoria

Lora And Osgi


Integrating MQTT and Redis to OSGi


Lora network and OSGi

Campbell Turnbull Library Meeting Room

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