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Cosmology & Soul Discovery Evening with the Divine Light Centre
Join Michele Kingston of the Divine Light Centre for this very special information evening on Cosmology & Soul Discovery. Includes Meditations, Talk, Crystal Sound Bath, & Sacred Toning Chants. See ( . $15 entry, light supper provided, bring food to share. With Michele, see Earth in it's Galactic cycle & see the fascination of the cosmos. Which leads us to find out what is our part in this glorious story of creation & how do we ground GOD into the physicality. See where we are heading as individuals and as a race of humanity. On this day we remember the journey of the soul, and see our uniqueness in the bigger picture & "The Divine Plan". Not only do we discover our origin, but we learn about our dimensional selves, soul families & star families. Michele has inspired us here at Magpie House (see ( ) since release of her special Galactic Travels CD, see below. Evening introduced by George Neo of Yogaplex Yoga School, with a Timeless Breath meditation. Michele offers a diverse range of Spiritual Services in Rye & at various Melbourne-vicinities displayed at : * Radiant Light Healings * Higher Self Channeling's * Angel Readings * Crystal Readings * Reiki * Chakra Balancing * Meditation Classes * Development Circle of Light A prior Melbourne workshop 5-minute preview: Our DVD of this 4-hour workship is available: The Divine Light Centre was founded by Michele Kingston in 2007. This is a little healing & meditation centre, as well as an Angel reading room and runs workshops monthly. Michele Kingston has been journeying on her spiritual path since she was young. Includes Crystal Sound Bath, & Sacred Toning Chants - see ( for a sample of Michele Kingston's gifts & Holistic Services.

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Ringing Cedars represent a revival of ancient Vedic "divine lifestyle" culture well beyond what is generally aware of from India. Most Spirituality is limited to Dreamers & Talkers, whereas Co-Creation & taking Action on our visions is a key element of reclaiming our partnership with Nature.

Prior to discovering these books, our journey included =

* Mind Over Matter study & practice.
* Yoga lifestyle, permaculture gardens.
* Renewable energy, sustainable lifestyle adaption.
* Conversations with God (CwG) extensively studied in groups.
* Ramtha audio/video study groups.
* Castaneda study, workshops & practice organised.
* Ekhardt Tolle study & more.
* Magpie House Wholistic Centre (Upwey Victoria) established 2005 promoting Body, Mind, Spirit & Belly elements (integrating a vegetarian cafe & Yogaplex Yoga school).
* 1734 acres (701 hectares) purchased for the Etherion Intentional Community based on extensive environmental, geological & spiritual research in May 2008.
* Ringing Cedars represents a fantastic model for Intentional Community & indeed for the entire human race, adopted for Etherion late 2008.
* International Intentional Community Listing = ...
* The Etherion story & Ringing Cedars = ...
* Letter to a Billionaire - Virgin Corporate / Richard Branson =
* Other Links = = base website = original website = membership guidelines = April 2009 trip newsletter = with an Etherion Blog = with the Etherion Forum
* By the way, we have discounted Ringing Cedar books & dvds for sale.

Ringing Cedar books herald the coming of a Golden Age where instead of cataclysmic transitions for humanity, Anastasia's mission is to prevent what usually happens in a civilisation out of control. With tens of millions of Russians tending dacha (garden) plots with their bare hands, the Earth has negated the need for massive "natural" disasters as a means of cleansing (remember 1992 predictions?). Quoting the pure Yin energy of Anastasia where we "cannot fight evil with evil", "the end of the world is cancelled!"

The purpose of the group is to study the Anastasia/Ringing Cedar books concepts & how Etherion came into being with a parallel philosophy that is now aligned.

The existing group is aligned with Ringing Cedars Co-Creation philosophy. CwG study provided the Tools of Creation - Thought, Word & Deed, where the most powerful form is Co-Creation ("more than one is gathered in my name"). We take action on our visions & passion, not merely dream or just talk about it. We invite you to participate! Google search Yogaplex, Magpie House & Etherion in Australia to see how serious we are.

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