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Sprint! Get more done through Design Sprints

Academy Xi

New York Bestseller Sprint by Jake Knapp’s, explores how companies and teams can replicate Google’s sprint process to solve a problem within five days.Design sprints are becoming more widely used within product development for both large enterprises and startups. So how does a design sprint actually work, and how can you use a sprint to devise effective solutions in such a short period of time? At our workshop, An Introduction to Design Sprints, we’ll explore: - Background to the development of design sprints: how did Google do it? - The benefits of running a design sprint - When you should and shouldn’t run a design sprint - A checklist on how to position and sell the concept and benefits of design sprints to your team - Practical exercises in using the core tools associated with design sprints

Top Lessons from Entrepreneurial Failures

Academy Xi

Starting a new business from scratch is tough. When launching your idea or business into the market, you may have hit a hurdle, and then been told that you should “stand on the shoulders of giants”. What does this mean? Standing on the shoulders of giants refers to learning from the mistakes of entrepreneurs and business owners before you who have walked the same confusing road of starting something from scratch. If you’re overwhelmed with the potential options of scaling your business, and are unsure of how to differentiate between what strategies you should implement, this event is for you. Featuring four of Melbourne’s greatest entrepreneurs; Aaron Smith, Founder and Director of KX Pilates, Fiona Boyd; Co-Founder and CEO of EdSmart, Omer Molad; Co-Founder and CEO of Vervoe, and Shahin Hoda; Founder of XGrowth, you’ll learn what tactics to avoid, and what approaches to implement to successfully grow your business. At our panel, Top Lessons from Entrepreneurial Failures, these entrepreneurs will share with you: -Mistakes to avoid when growing your business -Who should be your first two employees for systematic growth -What new areas of marketing you should focus on in your business today

Launch into Digital Growth Marketing

Academy Xi

**** Please note this is a PAID event ($200) and you must register here: http://bit.ly/2KI3zd2 ***** The bedrock for the survival of a company is its ability to get customers, grow, and scale. By mastering a range of powerful digital tools, individuals and businesses are able to successfully sell a product or service. The ability to move customers down the end-to-end marketing funnel is vital not only to the traction and scalability of a business but also the achievement of their business objectives. If you’d like to develop the skills and digital growth marketing know-how to lead your team or business to success, then our one-day bootcamp is for you. On our one-day bootcamp, our industry experts will take you through: -An overview of Digital Growth Marketing — its strategies, processes, and what a successful growth engine looks like for your project or business -The ability to differentiate between traditional marketing and digital marketing -Strategies, tips, and hacks to work towards your North Star Metric and achieve traction -A cohesive understanding of a customer at different stages of an optimised growth funnel (AARRR), and how to satisfactorily attract and retain them -Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid search -Data-driven marketing -Google, social (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin) -Email, viral, and content marketing -An understanding of how to optimise your landing pages and website to shape and influence customer decisions and actions -Career pathways and opportunities within the valuable and in-demand field of digital growth marketing

Product Management? Please Explain

Academy Xi

In most companies, you may invariably have come across the role of the Product Manager, sometimes called the “CEO of the product”. But what does the role of a Product Manager entail? In an interactive panel session by Academy Xi, we’ll answer questions around what Product Managers do, from a strategic and tactical perspective, as well as how you can position yourself to become an effective Product Manager in the future. At our panel, Product Management? Please Explain, we’ll explore: - Where does a Product Manager fit in an organisation - Why good Product Mangers are so valued in the companies? - Skills and knowledge expected of Product Managers Panelists: Tom Williamson Senior Product Manager at Common Code Tom is a product manager with 7 years experience in the startup and scaleup space working across SAAS, Mobile and IOT products. During this time Tom has taken 10 products to market and saw Click Energy through its growth stage where it went from 5,000 to 100,000 customers during his Tenure. Tom currently spends his time consulting with CEO and Founders and leading the product team at Common Code, a tech agency that specialises in working with startups. Bharath Ragothaman Head of Digital Optimisation at Telstra Bharath is a Digital Strategist, with 10+ years of experience across digital products, growth, analytics and digital transformation. He is currently the Head of Digital Optimisation at Telstra and has worked at Deloitte Digital and SAP in his previous roles. He has an MBA from Melbourne Business School and has experience in both tech and Product roles. He enjoys everything products: developing lean agile teams, understanding customers, shaping a vision, building data driven culture and getting product-market fit. His strength is in bringing strategic, data driven lens to digital and product management. He often leverages best practices from high growth US start-ups to shape his product management approach. Talk to him on Digital products, Product analytics, Innovation, eCommerce and Digital strategy.

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