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Updated 16/10/2020



During Covid restrictions, all events are going online.



🥇與墨爾本唯一的臺式輕食桌遊店 Marché Board Game Café 合作


♦️ 齊心協力 ♦️



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Board game is a popular pastime in Taiwan for its charm in bringing people together in real life to have fun.

One doesn’t have to be a Taiwanese to join the group, just be friendly with people, have respect for each other, have interest in boardgames and appreciate Taiwanese culture. We're a growing, cosy group that are day-to-day people from all walks of life.

♦️ Your Contribution ♦️

The group does not charge a membership fee, game tuition fee or event fee and is run by volunteers.

You can help this group by volunteer to run events or by contributing to the group cost. Any contribution and help will be much appreciated!


Financial Sponsor 感謝贊助 : Marché Board Game Café (http://mbgcafe.com.au/)

Upcoming events (2)

[線上講座] From Gaming to Gambling

Online event

This free seminar will conduct in Mandarin with some English interpretation. [此乃社區服務宣傳,細節請洽主辦單位] 由維州政府補助的華人賭博關懷專線「良朋互助 Chinese Peer Connection」舉辦的線上關懷講座,主題為「From Gaming to Gambling」,探討電動遊戲、網路遊戲、手機遊戲等上癮到賭博的心路。 主辦單位 : https://www.facebook.com/ChinesePeerConnection/ https://gamblershelp.com.au/get-help/help-in-other-languages/traditional-chinese/ https://gamblershelp.com.au/get-help/help-in-other-languages/traditional-chinese/kevin-chan/

Online Boardgames

Online event

Wednesday boardgames is going online during Covid restriction and until Marché Cafe is open. We’ll start off in the video chat for some social chat before we go into games. The Jitsi video chat room will be created half an hour prior to the start & link posted here. There's no need to create an account or to download software to join the chat on computer, just click on the link. 🎲 What do you need? * Computer * Internet browser * Microphone * Webcam * Board Game Arena account 🎲 How to join? 1. If you haven't got a BGA account, create a free account on https://boardgamearena.com/?sp=1gkpcy 2. RSVP in Meetup so we know to expect you. 3. Test your computer, webcam and microphone, position your camera so everyone can see you during the video chat. 4. When the time starts, check here for the video chat link to join for some banter and to discuss what to play.

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Virtual Hangout - Just Chatting

Online event

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