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Self defense and Intro to Wing Chun.

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Wing Chun is a close range form of martial arts that uses economy of movement, shortest distance and the fastest way to subdue or deter an attacker. According to the legend, it was introduced by a Buddhist Nun called Ng Mui who was inspired by confrontation between a crane and a snake. The Style was named after her first student family name. Passed down through generations, it spread and made its mark in the Futshan province in the Kwangtung area. It than ended in Hong Kong , where it became one of the most popular martial art worldwide.

Wing Chun is a practical Martial arts that deals with incoming attacking energies directly.

Concepts: Center line theory. Four chamber theory. Use of 45 degree angles. Sticking hands. 3 Forms and a wooden dummy form. To deter/stop opponents from attacking the fastest and economical way possible.

Benefits: Short range power. Simultaneous defense and attack. Close range combat. Economy of movement. Enhancement of speed and Timing. Sharp reflexes. Improves health and well-being. Ideal for self defense. All skills levels are welcome.

I started this group because I want to promote my Wing Chun Kung fu and to meet potential students who are interested in the art. Looking forward to teach the way of Wing Chun kung Fu and its philosophy to anyone interested”.

Private and corporate training available.

Location: Caulfield Park Bowling Club/280ABalaclava Rd/Melbourne VIC 3161

Tel: 0413834954



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