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“This is a group that focuses on fitness and vitality and improving general energy levels, and is for those who are primarily in the 20 - 40 age group, but we don't discriminate against older members, so long as they can maintain a reasonably good pace, which at times will be somewhat sprightly; being 25kph or more.

Naturally the name of the group is derived from it's location, being perfectly positioned at the gateway of the premiere outer south eastern cycling locations.

Although we are located in Montrose, the MonARC group encompasses the Yarra Valley and greater surrounds, with it's picturesque locations and attactions.

Another important aspect of this group is that it's not discipline specific. You can ride any kind of bike you like, be it a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, cyclocross or even a Penny-Farthing, so long as you can maintain the pace.

All skills levels are welcome, though it would be beneficial to have a reasonably good base level of fitness to build on, and lets face it, even the greatest champions had to start somewhere, so we have brought this group into fruition to meet other outdoor enthusiasts, with a focus on cycling, but not limited to cycling, as a great social dynamic is just as important as a healthy level of fitness and vitality.

Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody, of which there will be events to cater to everyone's taste.


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Bicycle Component Resource Page
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This event page is being turned into a bicycle components resource page, where hard to find items or bespoke items can be found if wishing to create customised drivetrain options. 1) ================================================ Multi manufacturer compatible cassette sprocket options. These combinations of custom cassette sprocket options are enough to make me salivate! http://clemenzo.com/index.php/content/view/12/31/lang,en/ ================================================ 2) ================================================ Titanium cassette sprockets and lightweight drivetrain options; http://www.actiontec.us/ ================================================ 3) ================================================ Novel gearing options and accessories and tools. http://www.leonardifactory.es/home.html ================================================ 4) ================================================ Ambrosio 13-28T 10 Speed Cassette http://www.ambrosio.co.uk/ambrosio_cassettes.htm ================================================ 5) ================================================ BBB 10 Speed Cassettes with alternative sprocket ratios for Shimano and Campangnolo http://bbbcycling.com/bike-parts/cassettes/BCS-10C http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-track-bike/bbb-bbb-cassettes-road-bbb-10-speed-cassette-shimano-road/bbbacass095 ================================================ 6) ================================================ Miche full compliment sprocket assortment (for Shimano and Campangnolo) to build custom ratio 10 speed cassettes. They also make this kit in 11 Speed. http://www.miche.it/en/catalogo/catalogo-miche/pignoni/set-pignoni ================================================ 7) ================================================ Planetary dual speed gear drive system for the pedal crank. This system effectively gives you what would be 4 chain rings on the pedal crank. This drive system comes in a road bike ratios and mountain bike ratios. Road bike ratios are 1 to 1.6 : 1 Mountain bike ratios are 1 to 2.1 : 1 which has a larger under-drive ratio inside the planetary gear drive mechanism. http://www.schlumpf.ch/hp/schlumpf/faq.getriebe.engl.htm ================================================ 8) ================================================ Front chainring options for various cranksets and bolt circle diameters + chainring conversions from a double to a triple http://www.specialites-ta.com/gb/plateau-pro5vis.html Detailed chainring description for gearing options: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/chainrings.asp ================================================ 9) ================================================ Cable oiler http://www.middleburn.co.uk/products/accessories/cable-oilers Video demonstration: https://youtu.be/85Xm5BfN_L0 Place of purchase: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Middleburn-Bike-Cable-oilers-4mm-5mm-CNC-Colours-/110621257811 ================================================

*** Giro di Melbourne (notte) ***
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Lilydale Station

A proposal for a "night" cycle ride to Fed Square using only "road bikes". Lets start at Lilydale Station and make out way to Fed Square using only main roads to put some speed under the wheels of our road bikes, where we should be able to average high 20's, and on the downhill sections we should see in excess of 70 kph, at least going by Strava data. I am proposing the shortest and most direct route (using Mooroondah Hwy, Whitehorse Rd, Cotham Rd, Church St, Bridge Rd, Wellington Parade and Flinders Street) to Fed Square, which should have a one way trip completed in 2 hours or less. Those who wish to do a one way cycle trip can enjoy a rewarding coffee and cake at Fed Square, then catch the train back to Lilydale Station, though i'm planning for the ride to include a return journey. Ride pace: high 20's Ride distance: 37.5 km (one way) or 75 km (return trip) Riding surface: main roads Bike Type: road bikes only This event is limited to road bikes fitted with narrow 700C low rolling resistance tyres. Please ensure that your tyres are inflated to their maximum recommended pressure (described on the side of the tyre) as it will provide minimum rolling resistance and the least amount of pedal effort for the length of the ride. Things to bring: Front and rear lights, water bottle/s, clothing that's relevant to Melbourne's multi-seasonal weather, spare tube that doesn't have a puncture from a previous ride, a pump that works, appropriate bike tools & money for refreshments. Your host: Fabian[masked] The first image shows the exact point of our starting location. The second image shows the intended route.

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