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If you're involved in a startup, or thinking about starting one, chances are you can learn from others that are doing and thinking the same.

Morning Startup is a fortnightly morning catchup where founders, potential entrepreneurs and others in the startup community (VCs and Angels welcome) get together to learn something interesting, get feedback on idea, vent frustrations, and meet some new friends in the game. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Upcoming events (5+)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Open-Source.

CYBER SECURITY ALERT! In 1999, Vikram upon completion of his Bachelors in Army College started his professional career into Cyber Security with E-Lock, US. The very next year, President Bill Clinton used their product for approving Digital ACT (making digital signatures legal and accepted for the first time anywhere in the world). From 2004, he worked to build three Cyber Security companies and filed two patents for his work in the Cyber Security domain. Now, Vikram's focus is more on Cyber Security related "prevention and awareness". He loves open-source and open collaboration. At present, he is working on building "AI-driven Code Anamoly Detection" under his Blue Bricks company and has recently co-founded "The Advisory Network" to help nano/small to medium companies become more aware of security, automation and how to handle people, process and products. Vikram will be taking us through the good, the bad and the ugly of open-source including: 1. A few "ugly facts" about open-source. 2. Why open-source is good (if not great). 3. "The bad" in open source. 4. "Checks And Balances" to get you started. Bring a smile, an open mind, an open-minded smiley friend and a coffee from Voltage Espresso!!!

Founder Sundowner

Nowhereman Brewing Co

Calling all startup founders! On the first Wednesday of each month, let's get together for a tasty beverage or two, celebrate and/or commiserate the month that was, and share plans and ideas for the month yet to be! You might even meet your future Co-founder, Lead Programmer, or Chief Ninja of Ideation and Crypto Research. As Elon Musk could have once said, "All my success is due to drinking with other startup founders as often as possible". This is a very casual, monthly, after-work event, in addition to our fortnightly Morning Startup meetups at Spacecubed. So if you're not a morning person, this is for you! There will be no speakers or formalities. Just a bunch of startups, in a pub, having fun, and learning from each other. We may or may not have sponsors, so make sure you save up ahead of time to cover the cost of your own exotic cocktails and Perth-priced-drinks. (If your company is interested in putting on a bar tab or buying a pizza or two, in exchange for exposure to the Perth Startup Community through our extensive member list, let's talk! [masked] ) To find us, ask the bar staff for the Founder Sundowner table and they'll point you in the right direction. Look forward to seeing you there!

Morning Startup at Spacecubed, Perth


Microservices, a buzzword, the future, the golden child? Microservices is a particular way of designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services instead of a single monolithic application. Microservices may not be the silver bullet it's often made out to be, but if applied correctly can save your startup both development time and money. Alexander Karan has just completed rebuilding a platform and will demonstrate how Microservices can save development time, reduce your cloud/servers costs and respond to your platform requirements quickly and easily. Microservices can often feel daunting but don't let that put you off as they can help your startup scale. Alexander will cover both development setup/insights and business requirements for using Microservices. So if your a developer, a founder, or anyone involved in tech, grab a Voltage Espresso (https://www.facebook.com/voltageespresso) and come and learn how microservices can help you deliver quality software, faster. About Alexander: Over the last ten years, Alexander has built systems from their infancy and salvaged the code of others to create something worthwhile. Systems architecture is where his strengths lay, and he has utilised these skills countless times to ensure his team and applications are heading in the right direction. Alexander is currently the CTO at ClimateClever (www.climateclever.org) working to help schools and communities reduce their carbon footprint, and indirectly their bills. His current tech stack is Node.js, Express.js, Mongo.DB, AWS and React. You find info about me Alexander at: Twitter: @alexanderk_ios ClimateClever: www.climateclever.org Web: www.alexanderkaran.com

Morning Startup at Spacecubed, Perth


Grab yourself a coffee and come and watch an interesting presentation and talk to some interesting people from in and around the startup scene.

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