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What we’re about

This group is for people who love to hike, run, ski, scramble, and climb them. We’re all about exploring Australia's alpine and sub-alpine environment with enthusiastic and like-minded people.

We're not a typical indoor climbing group (or a hiking group). We're a diverse group of people who like to mix things up a bit in the outdoors, explore new areas, enjoy variety, especially the outdoor type and are keen on developing the technical side of mountaineering, scrambling and rock climbing as much as the exercise and ability to improve our fitness and skills.

Everyone with a passion for the mountains is welcome and encouraged to take an active part in this group. We want to share our passion for the mountains.

We are creating a group focused on improving our fitness, expertise, safety and skills in the mountains of Australia and overseas. Come and join this supportive group of like-minded people and develop your own and the groups skills.

This group is currently a placeholder for a proposed Sydney group and as such may not be active. The main group in Melbourne is quite active and we are waiting for the right moment to launch activities for Sydney siders.

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About Us – FAQ’s

1. Who does the group suit?

This group is a big step up from hiking and bushwalking groups. It will suit people who want to expand their abilities beyond just hiking. Most activities tend to be advanced, some can be technical, requiring specialised skills and equipment.

2. I'm a beginner - is it right for me?

If you've only done some beginner hikes or if you don't have suitable gear, then we'd recommend that you get some more experience in other groups first. We can introduce you to overnight hiking and more advanced activities like climbing but you should come well prepared to ride a steep learning curve.

3. How do I develop my skills?

We will have an active training component for people to ramp up their skills and experience. We will develop this by using 3rd parties or from internal capabilities.

4. Giving back and developing a collaborative culture

Our group desires to give back to its members and the larger community. If you have been trained by the group or have skills and experience to offer, we encourage you to help build a better culture by providing your skills and talents back into the group and assisting with any training or technical activities.

5. We're a not-for-profit

This group is a not for profit developed on social enterprise principles. Any fees associated from activities are used to fund group expenses and minimise expenses of activity organisers. After costs any money will always be returned to improve the skills and development of members of the group, its leaders and trainers.

Look forward to meeting and connecting with you all.

Regards, Mark - Mountain Explorers Organiser

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