What we're about


This is a group for dogs and people who love dogs.

You do not need a dog to join.

You might want to learn about dogs before getting a dog.

You might no longer have dogs but would still enjoy their company.

If you love dogs you are welcome to join us.

For play dates, beach days, dog-friendly social events, ...

And, free talks on how to relate to and teach your dogs with kindness.

You can bring friends, children and of course dogs to our meetups.

Interstate and Overseas Members are welcome.


Dogs like to please.
Indeed, most dogs I know make a point of it.

So make friends with your dogs first.

By affection, praise and play.

And, then your dogs will want to please you.

You can download my PDF, on teaching your dogs with kindness, including getting dogs to come when call; how I house-trained my Beagles in 2 days; how to get dogs over any fears with gentle back-rubs and soothing words, after introducing yourself correctly; from:

Dog Trainers and Dog Behaviourists

I have never met a dog trainer or dog behaviourist who I could recommend.

Naturally, dogs do not use "obedience", "dominance", "operant conditioning", intimidation, choker chains, head halters, shock collars, crates, ...

Dogs do not use rejection on members of their own group.

Insult other dogs' intelligence with clickers.

Or, even use food rewards.

I relate to dogs as one intelligent being to another.

By using friendship, understanding and co-operation - not force, rejection or conditioning.

You can Download free copies of my ebook, “Must Love Dogs How To Form Friendships With Dogs And Teach Your Dogs With Kindness”, in PDF, Epub, and Mobi Formats, from:


I am doing this for free and not as a business.

1: Information, that I provide you with, is my personal opinion, based on my personal experience.
[Which includes my having had 4 generations of Beagles.]

And, is not to be taken as professional advice.
[In my opinion, advice from professional dog trainers is not that good, and often abusive.]

2: All physical activities, and activities with dogs, can involve some risk of injury to yourself, to other people, or your dogs.
Even just scratches and damage to your clothes.


3: By joining, or remaining, a member of this group, you are agreeing that you do so at your own risk.

You are agreeing to indemnify and to hold harmless, the Organisers and Event Hosts of this group, for whatever you, your dogs, your guests, may experience or cause.

You are agreeing that you will not bring savage dogs.

And, you are agreeing, that if an Organiser, or an Event Host, asks you to put your dog on a lead, or to remove your dog, that you will do so.

NOTE: some people cannot tell the difference, between a savage dog, and an excited, playful dog.
So, if you think your dog is savage, you can arrange to meet me 30 minutes before an event that I am hosting. Or, at some other time.

Kind regards.

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