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We are people from academia and industry that are passionate about Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Language Technology and Computational Linguistics.

The group is intended to keep each other updated about NLP-related events in the Copenhagen area. This includes talks, workshops, conferences and the like. We'd also like to establish and maintain contacts within and across companies and academic groups.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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Seminar: Dr. Riccardo Fusaroli, "The puzzle of Danish"

IT University of Copenhagen

Title: The puzzle of Danish: Cognitive and NLP approaches Abstract "Danish is a peculiar language. It has a very large vocalic repertoire, it systematically reduces consonants, word endings tend to be omitted. Danish children have a delayed language acquisition compared to other languages (including Norwegians). However, adult Danes seem to understand each other just fine. In this talk I will tackle a series of experiments mapping how Danes cope with Danish: by widely relying on contextual and semantic information even during low level phonetic processing and by creating Danish-friendly conversations with high syntactic, lexical and semantic redundancy. I will also focus on the interactions of this research with NLP techniques: what NLP techniques we could rely on and what turned out unreliable when dealing with Danish; as well as opening up a discussion of the potential implications of our findings for Danish NLP." Bio "Riccardo investigates interpersonal coordination mixing experimental, clinical, computational and qualitative perspectives. His research involves the investigation of language, movement and social interactions in neuro-psychiatric conditions (schizophrenia, affective disorders, autism spectrum disorder, Moebius syndrome, patients with brain injury, etc.), as well as collective problem solving in pairs and communities of people. Riccardo's background is strongly interdisciplinary combining Semiotics and Communication (Università di Bologna), Cognitive Science (Aarhus University, UC Merced) and complex systems approaches (Santa Fe Institute). He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Interacting Minds Center (Aarhus University), affiliated with the B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and M.A. in Cognitive Semiotics programs."

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