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Networking & music business with Steve Jaz
If you’re a gigging musician, producer, educator or original artist earning under $45,000 per year, or just starting out in the music business and have intentions to build your career and move from casual/part-time muso to full time professional, you don’t want to miss this free event. Here's an overview of some of the things we'll be discussing: * How to monetise your following, create successful events, write engaging blogs/vlogs and sales strategies that convert into sales. * Tips for building a loyal following and how to establish trust and credibility in the music industry. * How to 'reverse engineer' your long term goals and stay focused, accountable by surrounding yourself with the right people. * Managing your finances, budgeting and tax basics, (i.e. what you can and can’t claim on tax) invoicing, new payment gateways for musicians and more! Plus, there will be plenty of time to meet and connect with new faces, share your ideas, collaborate on projects and gain some guidance and direction. Bring your list of questions, a note pad and anything else you wish to share! We look forward to meeting you! Steve Jaz Musician turned entrepreneur Team USM

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Are you a musician, artist, producer, educator, manager or entrepreneur? If the answer is YES then read on..

Imagine being surrounded by like minded professionals in the music industry specialising in songwriting, recording, release, production, artist development, marketing, sales and music business in the 21st century.... !

For the first time ever, we are offering monthly meet ups where you will have the opportunity to join a team of like minded pro musicians, artists and leading industry mentors who are ready to collaborate, share their ideas, current music projects and work together in our state of the art 'Studio 705'.

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