What we're about

You may have been living in Brisbane for a week, a month, a year or even a decade.

But have you made the most of your new life in your new location?

Have you found new friends?

Have you got the job you want or the job for now?

Do you know what networks you can join?

How do you find great places to go to and fabulous people to come with you?

Join us at this event on the Second Wednesday of every month at 6pm where you will learn:

. Six Best Settlement Strategies

. Culture Shock - what is it and how to recognise the symptoms

. Australian culture - understanding the basics

. Job hunting - ways to find the work you want (despite your international background)

. Information sources - the most reliable options

. Finding the networks you need

Details online at http://newcomersnetwork.com (established 2001) or brisbane@newcomersnetwork.com

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