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'The Dispossessed' - Ursula Le Guin
Join us in the new year for a discussion about the late Ursula Le Guin's anarchist utopia. 'The Dispossessed'. From The Guardian: 'The action alternates between the twin worlds of Urras and Anarres. A century before, anarchist revolutionaries from Urras set up a new society in Anarres, and attempted to live without property. The two societies have developed with little contact ever since. But the physicist Shevek, who is working on a method of interstellar communication called the Principle of Simultaneity, is becoming disillusioned with the anarchist philosophy of Anarres and travels to Urras to find more freedom. According to a profile of Le Guin by the novelist Hari Kunzru, the book is still circulated in activist communities, with young anarchists approaching the author for advice. But Le Guin told Kunzru that the encounters made her “embarrassed and a bit guilty” because, since writing the book, she had concluded that the only way for an anarchist society to be fully implemented was “to be completely isolated from everybody else. Then it will probably all the same destroy itself from inside, because we are perverse creatures. But it was a lovely thing to follow through in a novel, as an intellectual framework for a book. Which is really what anarchism was to me, a way of thinking, a way of imagining, but not a belief.”'

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