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**THIS GROUP WILL DELETE AS OF 11/19/19. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE JOIN THE FB GROUP- https://www.facebook.com/groups/430665444470745/ . Thank you!**


If you're of a certain age you'll remember MTV's show 'Unplugged' in which artists performed an acoustical set on a small stage. Very intimate, pure talent & total presence. To me, the modern definition of being unplugged is no cell phone/no headphones, no tech/electronic interference between the magic you be and how it can connect you with others & the earth/nature. In a time where we're so connected, I believe many people feel an exaggerated sense of loneliness, isolation, and separation. Let's change it!

I envision community walks, easy hikes, meditation & yoga in the park, labyrinth walks, and more. I'm also interested in jumping on the #trashtag bandwagon in which we select an area and do a big trash pick up (cell phone ok for before and after pics!). There are already several groups that either include or are centered around food and/or drink (which can be distractions from connecting, too!). I'm all for members choosing to go out for food or coffee or whatever after our events.

All ages, genders/orientations, ability levels, etc are welcome! I'm hoping/will encourage members of this group to offer to host an event in their neighborhood/local park.

I'm excited to see what we can create from our base in Loveland and let it grow into FoCo, Greeley, and beyond!


Past Events

Holly's Birthday Barbell Bootcamp-Beginner Friendly
FREE yoga class with Jessica Lucey

Holistic Yoga School & Studio

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