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Peter Cosgrove Centre (ACU)

Level 18 8 - 20 Napier Street · North Sydney

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Level 18, 8-20 Napier St, North Sydney 2060 / Less than 10min from North Sydney train station. for more info

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What we'll do


You're the department head in charge of mathematics at your school and you're juggling multiple classes and tasks throughout the day when one of your teachers calls in sick - leaving your students education in jeopardy

Enter ClassCover!

This EdTech startup connects schools with their chosen relief teachers in seconds, saving schools hours each day and connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities.

The math's class is saved! (Sorry students)

Tonight's topic will focus on how a Facebook status by a friend of one of ClassCover's founding members got him thinking about a problem that was screaming to be solved...

(, Co-Founder, ClassCover

Ben is the co-founder of ClassCover Pty Ltd, a SAAS (definition found here!: that saves over 2200 schools and 75,000 teachers vast amounts of time and stress for schools when managing relief teaching staff.

Prior to this, he followed a varied path between teaching and business, including growing a tennis coaching company in the UK 400% in 9 months, running the Smith Family Toy and Food appeal, and teaching everyone from 5 years to high schoolers and adults in TAFE (technical college).

Most recently, Ben has:

- Joined the Charles Sturt University, ATI Riverina Ready To Launch Pre-Accelerator as their Entrepreneur in Residence.
- Became a mentor for the Cohort 4 of the Remarkable, Disability Tech Accelerator run by Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
- Worked with Fusion Labs in collaboration with the Catalyst Lab Innovation Project to assist in building out of education technology solutions conceptualised within NSW Department of Education Schools.

His myriad specialties include: people management, education, training, teaching, professional learning, professional development.


Agenda for the Evening:

• 5:00pm: Please arrive on time to meet other entrepreneurs / startups and check out the co-working space.

• 5:30pm: Presentation along with Q&A

• 6:30pm ish: Chat with the speaker and other entrepreneurs

• 7:30pm ish: We try to kick you out! (But there's often a bunch around 'til 8pm)

This is a FREE event. Please thank someone from ACU ( who are sponsoring this event.


The Peter Cosgrove Centre -

ACU ( holds a leadership position in education research and innovation.

They offer a number of education opportunities around innovation and entrepreneurship, and in 2017 launched ACU Collaborate Plus (, ACU’s entrepreneurship hubs for startups and small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The North Sydney & Strathfield spaces provide a flexible, creative and inclusive area for students, staff, alumni, startups and SMEs who are working on an innovative startup, project or business idea. And is currently available at no fee! The project is supported by NSW Department of Industry’s Boosting Business Innovation grants.