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Improve your Speaking Skills in a fun and Supportive Environment
GAIN CONFIDENCE AS A SPEAKER • PRACTICE THE SKILLS TO SPEAK FROM STAGE LEARN HOW TO USE THE WRITTEN WORD TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS MAKE FRIENDS WITH MOTIVATED - LIKE MINDED PEOPLE LEARN HOW TO THINK ON YOUR FEET Join us at a meeting soon and learn effective communicating skills Meetings are fun and informative. Guests are free of charge [limit of 3 free meetings]. We will keep an eye out for you if you say you are attending, but you can still attend without RSVP. POWERtalk is a not for profit organisation training in public speaking and leadership skills and part of an international network of clubs. If it is to your taste, you can become a full member of the organisation at a cost of approx $90 per year and enjoy the benefits membership has to offer. Please ask if you would like to become a member and we will forward membership forms to you. Come along and enjoy the fun. We look forward to meeting you.

Community Meeting Room, Grange Library

Evelyn St · Grange

What we're about

Did you know the fear of speaking in public is so common, there is a medical term for it? It's called 'glossophobia'.

Many of our members started their membership feeling quite glossophobic, but with our support and assistance have grown into competent and confident speakers. If you want to beat your fear, we'd love to help you.

But fear is not all we deal with. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding out the skills required or getting great feedback. Sometimes people join just because we are so friendly. Sometimes it's because English is not their native tongue, and they want to get better at speaking in English.

Whatever your reason, we'd love you to pop along as a guest and see for yourself how fabulous and welcoming we are - and that won't cost you a cent [limit three free meetings].

So, who are we?

POWERtalk Brisbane Central is part of an Australian Not-For-Profit organisation, and international Network of speaking clubs that have for over 80 years been assisting people grow in speaking and leadership skills.

Rain, hail or shine, we meet as a club on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays February to November, and the 1st Tuesday in December at the Grange Library Community Meeting room. Our meetings are programmed to a theme and allow our members the opportunity to practice their speaking and be evaluated in a constructive, nurturing environment.

As a guest, you will not be programmed to participate in the night's speaking. However, you are welcome to participate in the 'topics' section of the evening which is where you get to stand and answer a question from the Topic Leader for up to one minute. Participation is voluntary - just let us know if you want to participate or not. We won't force you to speak if you don't wish to do so.

Full membership of the club and organisation costs $97 per year. Once you join, we will guide you through a program of growth in confidence and ability.

Guests are free of charge [limit 3 free meetings]. Come along and see what we do for yourself - we are very friendly and welcoming. RSVP is not necessary to attend, although we do like to know if we are having extras attending as we have a cuppa part way through the evening and like to know how many people we are catering for.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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