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Peninsula Toy Run 2018, download the flyer @ peninsulatoyrun.com
This should be a great event, meet at the Baxter and ride together to the Frankston pier and get some breakfast. The ride departs at 9:30am from Frankston pier to Rosbud. There is no finish time and dont know what happens after however i'm going for fish and chips or a burger at Salt fish and chips in Dromarna.

Baxter Tavern Hotel Motel

Corner of McClelland Drive and Baxter Tooradin Road · Baxter


What we're about

Form Carrum to Cranbourne and down the peninsula riders only.

South of Thompsons rd and West of Clide-Fiveways rd.

You must have a current motorbike learners or licence and your bike must be roadworthy and registered.
From learners to experienced riders, male or female, 17 to 77 years old.
If your sick of talking about riding and just want to ride, this is the group for you.
All rides should be safe, relaxing and fun.

YOU, learner or experienced riders, can organize a ride from planned rides to spare of the moment rides, weekend rides, day rides, 1/2 day rides or just a couple of hours ride, any day of the week, what ever you desire, when ever you desire.

YOU can post tips and advice for other members or ask for advice from other members.

Doesn't matter what you ride as long as your bike can do the legal speed limit which ranges from 30kilometers an hour to 110kilometers an hour.
Please, no bike snobs, racers or wankers.

If you organize a ride you will lead that ride from start to finish, so be prepared.

There will be motorcycle charity and other major motorcycle events/rides posted on this site for your info if you want to attend them, YOU can also post events.


1, If at any time during a ride you put any of your fellow riders AT RISK OF injury or death due to your own selfish stupidity, you will never be welcomed back to ride with us and you will be deleted from this group.

2, When riding in an organised group ride, NO other rider will or should overtake or pass the RIDE LEADER no matter how slow the lead rider is going, but we will always attempt to follow the speed limit or ride with the traffic, kinda.. If you want to race and speed ahead your in the wrong group, go to a race track.

3, When riding in an organised group ride, NO RIDER WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. If a rider or riders get stuck behind traffic or what ever, all other riders will slow down and/or stop so the others can catch up. We ride in a group for a few reason such as Company and Saftey.

4, When riding in an organised group ride, all riders will follow the ride leader in a staggered formation with 1.5 to 2.5 second gap from the rider ahead of you. WHY? So you have enough of a reaction time if something go's wrong, an unexpected turn, a gust of wind, road surface condition change, etc, etc......



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