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I believe that today the system is rigged in favour of the government, the big banks, the politicians, the unions and big business. And this is never more evident than in our Education system.

According to the Federal Government, the goal of education in Australia is for all young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

What a load of rubbish. It is a big fat lie.

That’s not what they want.

All they want are wage slaves who will spend their life working for a boss. Stuck on the treadmill to work till you drop.

Just remember who pays the bulk of tax in Australia – it is the worker, not the employer! Did you know that just the top 6.5% of individual taxpayers pay the same tax that 378,000 companies who had revenue of nearly $2.0 trillion dollars pay?

So this Meetup is designed to teach you what the government, the unions, and the bosses don’t want you to know.

At each Meetup you will learn plain and simple strategies that you can action immediately, to improve the health of your wealth so you can:

· Start being independent;

· Break free of the rigged system; and,

· Get off the treadmill of working till you drop.

These FREE Meetups are presented by Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator and author of the book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”. Each Meetup draws on Wayne’s book as well as Wayne’s Wealth Ignite Program, plus access to other specialists.

You can think of each Meetup as fitness for your money, where:

· Instead of losing weight, you are able to manage your money so you have more money at the end of your month.

· Instead of strengthening your muscles, you are growing your income.

· Instead of being physically fitter, you are financially fitter so you have more time for you and your family.

And as you pilot yourself to the life you want, and more importantly the life you deserve, Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator, will be sitting right alongside you answering your questions with unbiased advice.

You have a choice. Spend your life working for a boss, stuck on the treadmill to work till you drop. Or join this Meetup and become your own Wealth Pilot, break free of the rigged system and get off the treadmill.

Any questions, please contact Wayne Wanders @ The Wealth Navigator ( https://thewealthnavigator.com.au/

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