What we're about

The Perth Artifactory is the Hackerspace/Makerspace in Perth, Western Australia. We currently occupy a large warehouse unit in Osborne Park and which is populated with tools, technology, desks and workstations.

Essentially we are a communal workshop where members who join get access to the tools and machinery in the space to make anything that they want. We currently have over 60 financial members and hundreds of regular visitors for our workshops and events.

If you would like to visit for a tour, come to one of our monthly Open Days (check the calendar), or to a Wednesday evening event. Before heading down check the webcams to make certain someone is there. Or sign-up for one of our regular meetup groups that use the space for various interests and activities.

We are dedicated to providing a place where people of all backgrounds with an interest in technology, the arts… etc can come together to work on projects, share ideas and socialise.

The name Artifactory is the joining of the words artifact and factory, so maybe we lost a “fact” (or two) along the way with the motto – Don’t think. Make.

https://artifactory.org.au/ (http://artifactory.org.au/)

Upcoming events (4+)

Noizemaschin!! #127

Needs a location


Modular May!
Come and see some of Perth's finest modular synth artists IRL
Featuring :

Tu Hus/Furious Transforn
Noise For No One
Christopher John Brown
Martin Deschain
Ergonomic Sound Office
Issac Beers
Entangled Lifeforms
With visuals by Nathan Thompson

$5 Entry and $5 drinks from the Bar d'Factory

This event has been mirrored for the convenience of Meetup members. Please check the Facebook event for further details and the actual event hosts: https://www.facebook.com/events/287371923606602/

Arduino U

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Electronics and microcontroller enthusiast meetup!

It's an evening of talking and hacking on electronics and microcontrollers. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, vintage gear - enthusiasts and novices welcome! Come down to learn or bring along something your working on.

Free for Artifactory members, non-members $10.

General Hacking Day

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A day for members and people with projects to drop in and use the space for their projects.

Casual use costs of the Artifactory can be found at https://artifactory.org.au/membership/

Visiting the Artifactory for a look around is free.

"Every Saturday members flock to the Artifactory to get noisy, dirty and ambitious with the tools. A full weekend day affords us the time and lack of noise restrictions to build things that simply can't be done at home, so expect to see plenty of sawdust and swarf flying, painting, hammering, soldering, lasering, bands rehearsing and much more. Throughout the day different people drop in and out, and so it's an excellent day to see a real cross-section of the projects and people who are involved."

IMPORTANT - Regarding Covid-19

  • Please sign in/out when visiting the Artifactory to assist health Authorities with contact tracing if needed.
  • All persons visiting the Artifactory must adhere to the WA Governments Social Distancing guidelines, gathering restrictions and hygiene guidelines.

Board game night

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Hey! Do you like board games?
Well we have the event for you! with tons of games to play and lots of fun people to play with, its the perfect environment for a novices or hardened players.
We kick off at 6pm and play till 9pm. Grab a game, pick a table, a comfy chair and someone to play with. Bring snacks if you would like, but The Artifactory has drinks and snacks available!

Can't wait to see you there!!
If you can't make it this time don't stress, this is a fortnightly event!

Past Events

General Hacking Day

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