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Looking after yourself should come naturally right? Afterall, we're programmed to survive and reproduce. So why is it that everyone is suffering from debilitating illnesses like diabetes, lack of energy, and total confusion over what is actually good for you and what your told is?

Being the healthiest version of you doesn't all revolve around changing to diet coke and not eating icecream (actually both of those are completely bogus!) Over the last 4 years we have powered through 2 difficult pregnancies, an almost fatal disease, built a house, started 3 businesses, and battled all the stress, health problems, and issues that come with these "normal" lives.

By being open to new ideas, trying out new and sometimes controversial tactics and products (you could say "biohacking"), and driven by a desire to grow a happy, healthy family, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge and a powerful passion to share this to help others make the simple changes to make massive improvements in their lives. The Bulletproof Diet is all about removing toxins and inflammation causing foods, chemicals, and processed items from your everyday "balanced" diet.

We even built a website to help us curate this information and spread it out to help others with the same issues to live a more fulfilling, healthy, and energetic daily life. Now we would love the opportunity to help small groups of our tribe here in Perth discover the same benefits and get support from those who already have.

Who Should Join: Bulletproof Coffee aficionado? Bulletproof Diet? Paleo foodie? Biohacker? Quantified Self? Ketogenic fan? #LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat)? Never heard of any of these but know that you just need some help and support with the whole "food-thing"?


Skin and eye irritations, looking for healthier, less dangerous products you can use on your's and your families bodies?

Trying to keep your home and your environment clean and safe from damaging, dangerous, and often hidden chemicals but no idea what to look out for?

This group is all about information and support for people looking for sustainable, eco-friendly, non-chemical, natural, healthy and higher performance tips and products that are changing the world for the better.

Diet-trenders looking for a sustainable version with less decision fatigue. (Can I eat this? When am I supposed to do that?)

Who We Aren't: There are no miracle cures and we aren't trained medical experts or mystic spiritual healers. Just normal folk with jobs and kids and stress and all that stuff. This is also not an info-mercial to get you to buy stuff, we are sharing information and only recommend products we whole-heartedly trust and use ourselves every day.

So come along and learn how to make better decisions to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

We've put together a starter resource page, which we will update after each meetup with more info based on what group members want to know about: http://nourishbodyandmind.com.au/resources

Past Events

Q&A - What Is Biohacking and other questions

Gramercy Central Park

First Introductions, some taste samples, and gadgets

Gramercy Central Park

Flash Mob!! Bulletproof launch party

Needs a location

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