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Calling all artists, performers, exhibitionists, shy people wanting to break out, depressed people wanting a break, shower singers, ex-vaudeville performers, ghosts of Josephine Baker, thespians, circus performers , pantomine junkies, gypsies, didgeridoo players, street performers, armed forces bands, singers of foreign songs, leprechauns, superheroes who need a friend, wizards and magicians, knife throwers, ballet dancers, conductors, students of...anything, opera singers, morin khuur players.
The purpose of this Meetup is to create Flash Mobs in Perth and WA which will inject a fatal dose of joy and happiness to the seriousness that seems to overtaken our lives and society.
Flashmobs happen already so this is not a new idea. However they are isolated events that temporarily uplift the lives of a few people that were present or viewed the You Tube video. What about a relentless movement that uplifts the society around us?
I am not the best person to 'organize' this as I do not have the contacts or talent (that's a serious confession) to pull this off. However.... I know how good I feel when I see a FlashMob video, or listen to a talented youngster sing. Yes, I am old.
Everyone deserves to have a moment of joy and abandonment shoved in their faces and I am hoping this Meetup will be crazy enough to pull this off.
Please register as members and step forward to organise a FlashMob. You Tube it to get inspiration.

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