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PMLG is sponsored by Western Power, AWS, Tank Stream Labs, Microsoft and Bankwest.

This group is for anyone interested in learning to code practical Machine Learning applications with a strong emphasis on deep learning. We loosely follow the Jeremy Howard Fast.Ai course with a remit of peer learning through sharing with your peers.

Our group covers a wide field of AI and data science techniques which we encourage people to explore by participating in solving real world problems.

All skill levels are welcome but you must be prepared to try your hand at coding and importantly share your learning experience.

Website: https://www.pmlg.org

github: https://github.com/pmlg/pmlg.github.io

Twitter: @PerthMLGroup


In attending PMLG you agree to abide by PMLGs values as defined here https://www.pmlg.org/about (https://www.pmlg.org/)

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Contact information: PMLG does not share contacts in our control with third parties. Please contact us immediately you believe a member is abusing the group contacts or messaging systems.

During meetings and events, we may take photographs or create video recordings at any time in connection with the meetup activities. By attending our meetup, you agree that we can use the photographs or recordings for any purpose and at any time, including on our website, in our publicity or in our publications. If you do not agree please let us know before or during the meeting.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Perth Machine Learning Group: Movie night

Tank Stream Labs

When Sean is away Mike will play, and it's reinforcement learning all day :) Lets try something different this time and discuss short videos: - 6pm: Introduction and news - 6.15pm: Split into streams to watch machine learning videos - One stream to watch beginner videos with Sheetal - One stream to watch advanced videos with Michael - 6.45 pm: Break off into smaller groups to discuss the videos (for those that want to) - 7.00pm discussion and networking Specific videos to be posted here. Leave suggestions for short (<20m) ML videos in the comments, one video per comment. Please vote for the videos you want to watch by liking them. We will let you know which videos we will watch the day before so you can decide if you wish to attend. Please arrive before 6pm to ensure entrance

Saturday Tech Tinkering in Wellard - Bring your own project

John Wellard Community Centre

NOTE: This is hosted in Wellard not in the city. Come meet other people interested in learning about new technologies, coding and tinkering with hardware for Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AI & Art, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Internet-of-Things, WiFi & mesh networks, Robotics, 3D printing, drones or blockchain. Bring your own project and/or laptop if you want to code. Please RSVP if attending. Numbers are limited. All ages welcome, though children should be accompanied by an adult. Hosted by members of Perth Machine Learning Group and Internet of Everything Perth.

Perth Machine Learning Group

Tank Stream Labs

Please arrive before 6pm to ensure entrance

Kafka Data Pipelines @ Perth Machine Learning Group

Western Power

###### The event will be held in Western Power HQ ###### Please arrive before 6pm to ensure entrance

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