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Hi everyone, we're meeting again on Friday 31st August at 7am as usual. Hopefully it won't be as cold for an early morning meeting as July has been. In any case, I'll be there - next to the heating if needed. For those who've been thinking of coming along but haven't yet, just do it! We're a very friendly group and you'll be most welcomed! Have a great month everyone, and see you then! Val

Cafe 28, Joondalup Resort

37 Country Club Blvd, Connolly · Perth

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    This group is for people interested in simplifying their lives, living with less stress and more purpose. It's about 'letting go' (of the useless or superfluous, or anything that holds us back: things, activities, relationships), 'opening up' (to new ideas and possibilities in life, work, relationships), and 'making it happen'! I started this group to meet like-minded people to share this journey with me. I've done enough reading on the topic, but I procrastinate at times to implement much needed changes in my daily life. This group will be more about the 'practice', than the 'theory', of leading a meaningful, joyful, simple life. It's about stopping procrastination and getting started NOW, no matter how small. It's NOT about speed but consistency; NOT about outcomes, but direction. I understand and respect the fact that the journey, and the pace of the journey, will be unique for each person. So if you share my enthusiasm for the topic but need some practical ideas, support, encouragement, or motivation to get started - or to get going - come and join me!

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