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Perth has a vibrant and creative Independent Theatre scene.
The Perth Fringe Festival goes from strength to strength with each year.
The Blue Room and other independent venues provide a constant stream of new and challenging works.
And there are a surprising number of community theatres out there producing a wide variety of plays.

This group is for those looking to seek out new and interesting live performances, or even the more mainstream, publicised shows at the State Theatre, The Regal, or His Majesty's.

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Tim Winton’s Shrine

Melville Theatre

A searing play about the way in which we try to own our dead, and the way in which they come to own us. A year after the death of their son Jack in an early-morning car crash, Adam and Mary Mansfield are still struggling with what happened. Adam has sold his winery, and his trips to the beach house have become more frequent – anything to avoid Mary’s silent suffering. One day he encounters a young woman he used to employ as a cellarhand. June knows her way around a vineyard, and she also knows a lot about Jack. It’s a story she needs to share with Adam, the story of his son’s final hours. More information: http://www.meltheco.org.au Buy your tickets at: http://www.meltheco.org.au/bookings/booking-form/ When booking please state: This is a booking for “Perth Theatre Goers” to be seated together

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Subiaco Arts Centre

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