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We want to build a community of Perth developers who want to apply functional programming in the commercial world. We are open to novices, experts, and anyone in between. We will meet, discuss and learn together. It is going to be fun.

If you are interested in sharing a cool experience or idea that relates to functional programming, we would love to hear it.

Find us on the #perth channel on functional programming Slack (, grab yourself an invite here (

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Intro to Elixir and OTP

The Riff - Ground Floor

Elixir provides a modern, more approachable syntax to Erlang's Open Telecommunication Platform (OTP). Systems such as CouchDB, Riak, WhatsApp and Discord rely on OTP to provide highly fault-tolerant and scalable systems.

Ritchie Young is a long-time Ruby developer who now works with Elixir. In this talk he'll introduce the Elixir language and examine the building blocks and the "let it crash" philosophy that make OTP systems so robust.

Note we’ll also be continuing our series on beginning web development with Elm, so be sure not to miss our celebration of languages that start with E!

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Standing on the shoulders of (law-abiding) giants.

The Riff - Ground Floor

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