What we're about

Since 2004, Brainmates has been championing the importance of effective Product Management in organisations big and small.

The purpose of this group is to help bring together the growing community of Product Management Professionals and those who want to learn more about this vital function. The Product Management domain touches many areas of an organisation and is misunderstood or poorly defined in many of them.

Great Product Management means great products that customers love and great outcomes for the businesses providing them.

Product Talks Sydney will provide the community with an opportunity to learn from the Brainmates team and other Product Management professionals.

Who Should Join?

Product Management is not a single role. It covers everything from marketing, strategy, finance, development, sales and customer experience.

If you are interested in managing an existing product or developing a new one then this is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and learn from them.

"Product Talks" is also a networking function. We’re keen for Product Managers across different industries to meet up and exchange business cards. You never know where your next job offer will come from.

Please come with strong opinions and a desire to voice them!

Hey, if you are interested in Product Talks, but don't live in Sydney then no problem. Here are some other Meetups specifically for great product people:

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