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As women we wear many hats: mother ,wife, daughter, sister, friend, carer, lover, cook, cleaner, organizer, worrier, just to name a few, and often we wear many hats in the one day or sometimes many at the same time. Project Glow is a time for you to focus solely on yourself and reconnect with what it is that you love and enjoy to do. During the journey of these workshops we will discover and use both traditional and unique ways in which to focus on ourselves and alleviate any ongoing stresses that may be weighing you down. Through talk therapy,meditation, art therapy, music, writing , mindfulness and movement we will reconnect with our inner joy , replenish our own creative wells and emotional reserves so that we can continue to be all that we need to be for others, while being the best we possibly can be for ourselves. This group will also aim to provide social outings for members and ongoing continued support through the exhilarating and tumultuous journey of life.

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MOVIE NIGHT- Our first one! Join us to see BOOK CLUB!


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Karkarook Park

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