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Calling all professionals who are interested in Project Success! This meet up group is NOT specifically about any one project management framework, association or methodology -- we are non-denominational! You will be interested in this meetup if you fit into one of these: You lead projects ... your actual title does not have to be 'Project Manager' You lead programs You manage or direct a PMO You manage project managers You lead a Project Delivery function You are responsible for setting up methodologies.

The discussion board or membership list in this group may not be used for promotions of any products or services of any type. If you feel you have a product or service that is specific to the members of this group, you may offer a regular Perk (i.e. a standard discount for example); however this Perk cannot be a one time thing.

Also, you may Sponsor our meetup. By sponsoring, you agree to provide the facility and refreshments for one of our meet ups and in return, we would be happy to distribute information about your services to our members and to allow you to say a few words at the sponsored meetup.

The organizers of this meetup reserve the right to accept or refuse any offers of advertising, sponsorship or perks at their discretion for any reason.

Anyone posting unauthorised advertisements or promotions on the discussion board or spamming members will be immediately blocked from the group.

Disclosure: This meetup group is sponsored and organised by Bay3000 Corporate Education. We are a queensland based project management training organisation. You may sometimes see special discounts and promotions announced for members.

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