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Sydney Psych & Personality Theory (Big5, MBTI) Social Meetup

This group is for people interested in understanding differences between people through personality theories available. This includes and not limited to: Myers Briggs (MBTI), Jungian cognitive functions, Socionics and Big 5, Enneagrams.

For many people personality theories can be an eye opening experience. It can be really helpful for overall self awareness, communication, relationships (home and work), personal and career development.

The meetups consistently have a very social atmosphere with opportunities for friendly discussion during coffee, drinks, or outdoor activities. You'll get to meet others of your type, find out more about other types, or just chat with others about personality theory.

New members are of course welcome to join at any time or level of knowledge about the theory.


Recommended links

I've compiled a list of some of the better mbti-related youtube channels that i've watched over the years, if you're looking for more information:

Also I'll recommend (forum)

And finally if that wasn't enough for you and you're daring enough, go ahead and read chapter 10 of carl jung's book psychological types, if you want to find out more about the origins of mbti, cognitive function theory, etc.

Hope to see you soon

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