The future of AI: Hype, deep learning and where to next?

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Are we in a new AI bubble or will deep learning (DL) deliver on all its promises?
Due mainly to deep learning, the past decade has seen incredible, exciting and somewhat unexpected progress in AI. Yet, it’s not that long ago that lack of funding almost stopped AI in its tracks. This now famous period - called the ‘AI Winter’ - was caused by businesses discovering that state-of-the-art AI systems were brittle and difficult to scale.

Recently, the old debate about the best approach for achieving [real] AI seems to be reignited as some DL systems fail to live up to the original hype. A growing number of AI researchers think we should take a fresh look at both symbolic and connectionist architectures, and even explore more hybrid solutions.

This talk by visiting guest Dr John Flackett explores what critics of DL are concerned about and whether we’re in another AI bubble. John uses his AI research experience, his time debating AI approaches during the ‘AI Winter’, and his current work at AiLab to look at the future of AI and what it means for deep learning. Are there approaches from the past that can help propel the AI of the future?

About John
AI is John's passion and has been an integral part of his career via teaching, research, business and education. An expert in his field, John achieved his PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing) in 2005. With 20+ years' experience in AI, he has worked in a wide range of industries (including banking, engineering & education) and was previously a Senior University Lecturer in the UK for 10 years teaching masters & undergraduate Artificial Intelligence and undergraduate Computer Studies and Software Engineering.

John is the co-founder of koolth (a smart web specialist company) and AiLab; an Artificial Intelligence business assisting individuals, industry, government & community in learning and navigating AI through research, resources, policy development, online learning, workshops and events/meetups.

An international AI speaker for many years, John runs workshops & presents at events across the world speaking about AI, Future Jobs and Emerging Technology.

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6:30pm Dr John Flackett (koolth/AiLab)
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