React Melbourne - August Meetup

React Melbourne
React Melbourne
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139 Gladstone St

139 Gladstone St · South Melbourne

How to find us

Enter from Gladstone St door

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What we'll do

Learn and improve your React JS knowledge, meet and hangout with fellow React Developers, and eat some great food at the HQ on Thursday 29th August!


Component/Data Colocation with React and Apollo (In-Depth)
- Ben Teese (Senior Developer @ Sportsbet)

How to implement component/data colocation (a concept originally pioneered by Facebook's Relay framework) with Apollo Client and React, and how the approach has gone for us so far


React Rendering Under the Hood (Short)
- Alec McGavin (Software Engineer at

We’ve all heard, “Don't do that, it causes an unnecessary re-render”, but what is in a re-render? This talk will be a shallow dive into what’s going on with the DOM and re-renders.


General Layout System for React - In-Depth (~20-30 minutes)
- Basarat Ali Syed (Software Development Practice Lead at Australia

Having been a part of a fair share of component libraries, we now have a library (called GLS) that isolates the layout system from past efforts. This library allows you to offload the layout portion of building your team's own component library system ❤️. In this session we cover the concepts behind the library and then an actual implementation of these concepts.



Access to the meetup space for patrons with limited mobility can be arranged in advance by contacting [masked].

See you then!
- Jake