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Ever had feelings of desperation or frustration when asked to come up with a deposit of 20% required to getting a step onto the property ladder? Or faced with utter dread knowing that median house prices in Sydney are hovering around the $1 million mark and questioning whether you will ever able to afford a house in the area you want to live in?? Or sick and tired of hearing that you should invest for the "Long-Run" holding a property while negative gearing is taking your hard earned money out from your pocket every single month??

Don't you want to make Cashflow and Money NOW and enjoy life NOW and not "eventually"... over the "Long-Run"?? After all, American economist John Maynard Keynes, father of modern Economics once famously said that "Over the long-run... everyone is dead" :)

Ever wondered why is property investing so hard, whether there were easier ways to profit or a different way of doing things so we can fast-track our success??

Well.. worry no more! In this Meetup group, members will have a chance to share and discuss NEW, revolutionary and cutting-edge real estate strategies that challenge and depart from the status quo and other outdated notions such as "Buy and Hold", "Saving a 20% deposit" and "Invest for the Long-Run" type strategies which are slow and cumbersome to creating wealth fast.

This group aims to foster a forum where open-minded members can discuss and share the latest property strategies and trends so enabling members to make informed decisions regarding their investing ventures. It is also a chance for like-minded individuals to gather to learn about specific "outside-the-box" and practical step-by-step methods to attain financial freedom faster. Among others, topics of discussion will be around:

- Getting into the property game with no Debt

- How to attain properties with a NET rental yield of 15% p.a. and more

- Acquiring properties that will put $12,000 cash Net per year into your pocket

- High finance and profiting with interest arbitrage

- How you can pay off a property in 7 years just by using the rental income and not a single dollar more from your pocket...

- Retire in 10 years with 6 properties, no Debt and $85,000 per year in Net cash flows whilst even having no JOB

- Tax minimization strategies that will save tens of thousands on your property investments

- And much more...

So if you’re prepared to have your perspective shifted in the area of property investing and take a new stance on what is truely possible with strategies that nobody else in Australia is teaching... then join our community of Renegades now!!!

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