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Aloha, imagine yourself relaxing within a deep stillness of inner awareness, a raindrop in the ocean, transforming your revitalized presence towards your own harmonic balance with all in unity. Gently allowing the potential for shifting stagnant energy patterns from the past with a strong heart, through breathing in the live and intuitive frequencies offered by gongs, didgeridoo, Tingshas, Tibetan & Quartz crystal bowls, vocal toning, flute, lyre, chimes and therapeutic percussion instruments. Nada Yoga philosophy suggests that at the heart of cosmic consciousness is vibrational change, interconnection and supercoherence, therefore what we have in common is organically bridging Earth and sky through paying attention to our higher intentions as eternal beings. We are always bioacoustically reconnecting wholeheartedly with the resonances of the Akashic field and deeper imagination, toward our holistic centre, sharing the love as one, with one heart, in our universe of universes...entanglement soup anyone?

"Om Arkaya Namaha" ..."as above so below, as below so above "Om Mani Padme Hum"

"Perhaps the only limits of the human mind are those we believe in" Harman.

"To change your mood or mental state...change your vibration" - The Kybalion

The new paradigm of enhanced nonlocal consciousness through engagment with the Akashic dimension/ field, offers humanity new awareness and expansion from "here and now" to "everywhere and anytime"...Eternity rules!

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