What we're about

St George Leagues Club Photographic Society is one of the LARGEST, oldest and most respected photography clubs in NSW. We are a diverse group of more than 90 financial members (amateurs to professionals) who meet every Thursday. Amongst our members are award winners at national and international levels and some members are accredited judges of camera club competitions. Overall we are a group of people who share a passion for photography but also a willingness to help others learn.

• What we do

1st Thursday: Digital Image Evaluation by Accredited Evaluators/Pro Photographers

2nd Thursday: Presentations by Pro Photographers

3rd Thursday: Committee Meeting

4th Thursday: Print Image Evaluation by Accredited Evaluators/Pro Photographers

*5th Thursday: Workshops

• We also provide the following,

Photo Workshops and Social outings

Project of Passion (Portfolio building)

Annual Exhibitions

Professional Studio Workshops with associated partners

Specialised Portraiture and Landscape Groups

Annual Exhibition and Awards Night (Prizes, Trophies, Certificates and Raffles)

Visit our website: http://stgphoto.org.au (http://stgphoto.org.au/)

From our Patron: Emeritus Professor Des Crawley

I have been associated with this Club for close to fifty years. It is a Club with much to offer members be they beginners or advanced photographers. Its annual programs reflect the best practice and interpretations of contemporary photographic activity. The Club is a broadly based organisation with a focus on fellowship, learning from each other and from specialist mentors. Each year the experiences offered cover a wide range of genre – landscape, portrait, travel, experimental and expressive approaches.

Its blend of education and application via lectures, workshops, demonstration sessions as well as field trips offers challenges for the beginner and the experienced alike. Its annual Project of Passion program gives participants the chance to focus on a theme and develop a body of work that moves well beyond the competition approaches of many clubs. Again, it continues to offer an exhibition program where participants’ work is displayed in a gallery environment with all the tangible and intangible benefits such an experience offers.

The recurring emphasis within the Club is on the art, craft and science of photography offered within a supportive environment. Over the years the Club has been associated with change, with innovation, with initiatives that have influenced the broad agenda of community arts via its leadership and capacity to offer a program for its members that blends the best of traditions with innovation and experimentation. What pleases me, in particular, is the value given to learning, to personal growth, to challenges that push and extend one’s interests and capacity in a culture of support and encouragement.

• What to bring

A friendly attitude

• For more information contact: Suzanne Prouzos on 0412 551 176 or email president.stgphoto@gmail.com

Yearly Membership: $50 (Guests welcome) + be or become a member of St George Leagues Club $11 (Associate Membership).

Please note: You must be a financial member of St George Leagues Club Photographic Society to participate in our Digital and Print Evaluations and exhibitions. Our Presentations are free of charge and guests are always welcome.

• MISCONDUCT OF MEMBERS Code of Conduct: Bullying, harassment and/or intimidation will NOT be tolerated.

If any member shall wilfully refuse or neglect to comply with any of the provisions of the Memorandum or articles or By-Laws of the St. George League’s Club or By-Laws or Constitution of the St. George League’s Club Photographic Society or be guilty of alleged conduct likely to be injurious to the interests and welfare of the Photographic Society, such member shall forfeit their membership of the Photographic Society unless an explanation for such alleged conduct shall be accepted by the Executive Committee at a meeting convened therefore.

Past Events

Madagascar by Dennis Jones

St George Leagues Club Photographic Society

Lecture Night: John Swainston (President AIPP)

St George Leagues Club Photographic Society

Lecture Night: Rob Smith

St George Leagues Club Photographic Society

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