What we're about

What this Meetup Group is about

This Meet Up group is for those who have ever had the sense that, there is something missing in their experience of relationships - yet we have no idea what exactly that is!

Have you ever wanted wanted to learn 'a better way to be in relationships' than what we have been taught thus far?

Then you are in the right place!

~~~~~~ The old ways of relating just don’t cut it anymore ~~~~~~

Who should join?

· Anyone wanting to create relationships that support passionate vitality, transparency, honesty & integrity, authenticity and erotic exploration with loving joyful aliveness!

· Singles who are happy to be single, and yet desire more connection and communication

· Singles who are wanting to create an amazing committed relationship

· Couples who are wanting to ensure their relationship continues to sizzle with passionate connection

· Couples who are aware their relationship is heading a direction that is not sustainable and want ways to change the course of their connection to something better, deeper, more connected and erotically charged.

~~~ Come and Join us in our Facebook 'Evolving Together' community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/EvolvingTogetherNow/?source_id=560226470707496) ~~

What will you get out of joining us :

· Tools and skills that will help you in being in relationship differently

· How to recognise the same old relationship patterns - before you get bitten again!

· The unique components necessary for you, to co-create the relationships with love, passion and freedom you want

· Greater understanding of yourself and how your past experiences can support you in getting what you want

· More clarity on how to create relationships with clear boundaries & agreements that support you both to shine brightly

· A greater sense of empowerment in relationship - a sense of being more in control of your own relational destiny

What can you expect?

We will be offering a range of FREE and paid events.

Ranging from evening seminars & mini-workshops, one-day and weekend workshops.

Over time we will be creating a range of digital resources to support people as well. And there will be lots of opportunities to meet other like minded people, both singles and couples, who are motivated to learn more about creating Xtraordinary Relationships.

~~ Join Us on Facebook Page HERE! (https://www.facebook.com/xtraordinaryrelationships/) ~~

Please Note:

We have a variety of ways of promoting the events we offer - other Meetup groups, our own database and a number of social media avenues.

So please be aware that the numbers of participants attending any event listed on this Meetup will be much greater than that shown here - the number from this Meetup group may only be a small component of the total number of participants attending any event.

Yours in love and exuberance!

Steven. R. Sweeney

FACEBOOK - Xtraordinary Relationships (https://www.facebook.com/xtraordinaryrelationships/)

Link to New website HERE (http://xtraordinaryrelationships.com/)

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