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Announcements: 1. This is our last month at Bankwest!! Next month we'll be hosted by PwC - location & 'how to find us' information will be posted on the and mailing list. Keep an eye out for it! 2. Some beverages and snacks will be served at the venue, please do not bring any food or beverage to the venue. 3. Your contributions keep SecTalks alive! The submission process has become easier than ever while also allowing you to choose at which month you want to present: a. Fill in the Google form: b. Submit it c. A SecTalks organiser will be in touch closer to the time of your talk Thanks and see you all soon! 😍 --------------------------------------------------- #1 - Swipe Right, Please - sudosammy (Talk: 10 mins) Description: A lightening talk on increasing my swipe:match ratio on Tinder from a few years back. Bio: Sam is @sudosammy on Twitter and "Sam, 23" on Tinder. A senior pentester at Hivint and a SecTalks Perth organiser. #2 - WoW we're moving to a new venue! Description: Let's have a chat about were SecTalks will be moving to and other housekeeping things! It's going to be rad. #3 - End of Session Drinks 0x[masked] in ?? ()


300 Murray Street · Perth

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    SecTalks meetups are about participating in IT security discussions, learning from others, and improving your security skills through gamification (

    SecTalks offers an avenue where you can team-up with likeminded people to participate in solving technical IT security challenges (i.e. Capture The Flag (

    We have a mix of meetups for both beginners and people that are already in the field.

    SecTalks has three formats (, Talk & long CTF, Talk & short CTF, and a Ninja Night.

    New to CTF: check our CTF101 workshops (

    To join: visit SecTalks Perth page ( for instructions to join or attend upcoming meetups.

    To present: fill up SecTalks CFP ( form.

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