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Hi Shining Socials!
I’m Tamara.
I’ve stepped up to be the new organiser for this wonderful group.
Like Sue, who started this group, I too live on the north side.
I am happy however, to organise meetups in and around Brisbane as to encourage a more inclusive experience for members of this group.
Please feel free to make suggestions regarding meetups as this group is for you.
The more information I get from you regarding what you would like from this meet up group, the easier it is for me to organise meetups.
About me: I love the arts, which includes art exhibition openings, performances, comedy, and burlesque.
I also enjoy dining out, am adventurous with trying new foods, and love to learn more about other cultures.
I try and see live bands as often as I can (particularly free ones) and don’t mind a cheeky drink while mingling with people I haven’t met before or familiar faces.

In Sue’s own words:
“This is a group for 40+ people who want to go out & enjoy other peoples company in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It could be a night of dining, Sunday lunch, and or movies, it is just about going out with like minded people and enjoy what life has to offer. So if you are up to "Shining like a Star" which could unleash the diamond qualities within yourself or to simply help boost your confidence and get you out to meet some new people so why not come along to one of our events to have good company. I live on the Northside and I will be planning events in the CBD, Bayside, Northside and where I feel this group would like to adventure too.

A donation of $2 will be collected from each person to cover for the meet up charges for organising these wonderful and exciting events. Please remember to change your RSVP to a NO if you cant make it and I use it as a accurate guide to have the correct number of attendees to the planned Event.

NOTE: This group is not a dating group we are all here to meet new people & form new friends however if you happen to find a special someone from this group. Please feel free to still come along and welcome them as well. If you are involved in a business or multi-level marketing arena, please do not approach or poach other socialites at the events as this is all about socialising and increasing our confidence at the events in a safe and friendly environment.

If you wish to join this Shining Star Group, could you please provide a current profile photo of yourself so I can put the name to the face at the events. If anyone in this group has other pictures used for their profile could you kindly upload a beautiful photo of yourself as we all want to shine in life. As I am the organiser of this wonderful socialising group, I would like this request to be actioned so we can all see your shining faces against your name.

NB: If you RSVP to an event scheduled, things can change at last minute, could you please change your RSVP to a NO if you cannot make it along within the RSVP closed off timeframe. Send a message to the organiser to keep them well informed, so she knows what is happening. It is about being respectful to the organiser and other members and most of all getting the final numbers for the venue on the day.

As all our lives are busy these days, if you RSVP to an event and don't show up (2 times). Unfortunately, I will have to remove you from this group. As it is unfair to other members who want to come along to the events as well.

Look forward to meeting everyone who wants to venture out to be a "Shining Star".



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