What we're about

Smartphone Savvy Photographers, is a new meetup group in Sydney, which specialises in "Smartphone Photography".

Taking happy snaps on your smartphone can bring a lot joy, capture everyday moments, help tell a story and build lasting memories. It's as easy as a simple 'Screen Tap'... and you have become an instant photographer. ;)

Thanks to new smartphone technology and photo apps, anyone can create their own postcard quality photo. Images are sharper, clearer and the colours are more vibrant. You don't need a fancy camera, you just need to bring your trusty smartphone, have a good eye for detail, creativity and a sense of wonder.

"The Photography Focus"

I'm new to Smartphone Photography. I only bought an iPhone 6 last October, and have never looked back. Taking happy snaps is my new hobby, passion and interest. I'm not particularly tech savy in mobile technology, but i do love learning on the go, being creative and taking photos.

I'm looking for like minded smartphone photographers in Sydney, who want to meet up once a month to take happy snaps. Our meetups will be in the city, starting at a cafe, pub or even an ice-cream parlour. This meetup is a great opportunity to

- share smartphone tips and tricks
- talk about filters & photo apps
- show and tell your smart phone photos
- go on photo field trips and practice your photography skills
- photography field trips will focus on Landscapes, Architecture, Food, Art & Sculptures and Lights.

"The Savvy"
Smartphone savy photographers, are called 'The Screen Tappers'. This is a photography hobby group, for people between the ages of 30 to 45.

"The Smarts"

To be part of this meetup group, you must
- own a SMARTPHONE ie. iPhone or Android phone, which takes good quality photos
- the smartphone must have internet access or is WIFI compatible
- you must have the MEETUP APP on your phone

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