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What we’re about

This is a Group for Do-ers! This group welcomes all entrepreneurs that want to create positive change locally and globally.

If you are not really excited by making big social and environmental ideas reality then this is not going to be the group for you unfortunately. <br> <br> There is a saying that goes like this: <br> <br> "Doing what you say , gets you what you want!." - Si Ekin <br> <br> So in this group we are collectively saying : "There are some global or local issues that need to be understood / Dealt with / Built / Fixed, and I want to be part of the solutions" <br> <br> This group is going to focus on the actual doing part. <br> <br> Doing: Brainstorming ideas <br> Doing: Projects plans <br> Doing: Building with our collective networks and skills <br> Doing: Crowdsourcing or finding investors <br> Doing: Getting things DONE. <br> Doing: Smiling at the results ;-) <br> <br> Ok, enough talk. Join us, tell your friends about us and lets walk the walk together.