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FREE Tao Blessings Teleconference every Monday AEDT
Those who wish to receive special soulfulness services available on Master Sha's website please select a service and register then come onto the teleconference line to receive these services during this weekly Tao Blessing Service. Even if you are not on the teleconference call as a registered participant you will still receive the blessings. We invite you to attend this Blessing Call with Master Sha or one of his Master Teachers to become familiar with his wisdom and compassion, the simplicity and depth of the teachings, and the vast array of powerful blessings and services that are offered. This call includes teachings or soulfulness gifts for all attendees. Experience these services in a quiet and relaxed setting and after a few sessions you may notice subtle to dramatic effects to your soul, heart, mind and body, including a sense of expansion or lightness in your being and greater ease entering many aspects of your life. The complimentary treasures for your soul are gifts of great kindness and compassion for all of humanity and are as follows: Level 1 Kidneys According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys, the key for long life, play a major role in boosting vitality, immunity and energy. The kidneys play an important role in developing the abilities of the brain and clarity of the mind. Register Today Level 1 Lower Dan Tian The Lower Dan Tian is the foundational energy center for physical health and well-being. According to many spiritual traditions, developing this key energy center can help in maintaining vitality and immunity, which are fundamental for developing the physical stamina necessary for any form of spiritual development. Register Today Level 1 Snow Mountain Area According to many spiritual traditions, the Snow Mountain Area is another key foundational energy center for the physical body to help in maintaining good health and well-being. This energy storehouse feeds the kidneys, the brain and the third eye. It is the source of prenatal energy and the starting point of four major meridians. It is also fundamental to developing the physical stamina necessary for any form of spiritual development. Register Today Level 1 Pure Love Many spiritual traditions teach that love melts blockages to living your ideal life. This blessing helps you to stay happy and healthy. Register Today ( Master Sha offers a free weekly Water Blessing for the bottled water of participants during Sunday Tao Blessings. Simply register and label bottles of water for each of your requests. Water crystal research ( jointly conducted by Master Sha and Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, explains the concept behind blessing water. Register Today Honour fee: Complimentary and via Teleconference Skype Call every Monday at 5 am Australian Time (Sunday at 11 am Pacific Time). This teleconference call is via a US Skype Number so you will need a Skype Subscription for unlimited calls which includes the US and will cost $9/month. Please note that there are other complimentary teachings and meditation calls you can join with this subscription to advance your soul journey and physical health in a very fast and profound way. After registering you will receive the teleconference number and code to join the call.


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What we're about

Tao Group Melbourne is open to everyone wanting to balance a health issue, relationship challenge, financial imbalance or any other aspect of life. Together, we will offer our greatest love, care and compassion to each other, as well as, learning how to apply ancient wisdom and practical techniques to nourish your soul and well-being.

Join us to learn about Soulfulness, which goes beyond Mindfulness that focuses on the mind through meditation and being in the moment. Soulfulness focuses on the soul, to connect with the soul and to nourish the soul through Soul Wisdom and Practical Techniques.

This group focuses on Soulfulness Techniques because everything has a soul, your body has a soul, your organs have a soul, your house, your relationships, your business, your finances and much more all have a soul...

Together we share our experiences to create a community of spiritual beings committed to helping our loved ones, our community, Mother Earth and beyond.

Please visit our calendar for the dates and locations of our upcoming Meetups.

We currently hold a Soul Mind Body Soulfulness evening every Wednesday evening at Burwood Neighbourhood House, 1 Church St, Burwood VIC.

You are very welcome to join us for a light supper at the end of the evening.

We look forward to meeting you!

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