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Thursday Night Spotswood Games Session
Greetings! Welcome to your regularly scheduled Thursday night gaming event! We run alternating weeks (Wed/Thurs) so please keep an eye on the events to ensure you're on the right day (Most of us have turned up on the wrong day before, or forgotten which day it is this week, wouldn't sweat it too much) Feel free to grab a beer, one of the $15 dinner deals and find us near the fireplace across from the bar. We cater to Gamers of all levels and from all walks of life, and prioritise the socialisation and enjoyment of the company of others over gaming first and foremost. What to expect in terms of gaming? Euros and thematic games, card or board games, sometimes seriousness, often silliness, and a good time throughout. We don't do the classic staple games (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc) or classic card games (Bridge, Poker, etc) nor RPGs, CCGs or LCGS. If you ever aren't sure if you should bring a game or what to play feel free to message or hit up the comments to find players, make requests (we can't promise to fulfil them of course) or just chat. For those bringing games along, first, thank you, but second, please state which games you're bringing in the Comments section. This is a great way for players to know what to expect and best for those just joining us with no prior gaming history. I know many of us carry games for all experience types, but always good to know what's on hand. Cheers guys, I'll see you there! Previously (Played), on Stranger Gamers:

Spottiswoode Hotel

62 Hudsons Rd · Spotswood

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What we're about

Welcome Stranger,

Who am I? Why, I'm Michael, and I'm here to tell you why you should come and join myself and many great individuals to bond, chat and laugh over evenings consisting of beers, and of course, gaming!

Why Stranger Gamers?
Well, that's a good question! That's what we are!



Prior to the founding of this group, I had not met any of the members. Those strangers quickly became familiar faces and, dare I say it, fast friends. This is the atmosphere we are trying to create, meet new like-minded individuals and create new bonds over hobbies you love. We at Stranger Gamers emphasise socialising and enjoying each others company over winning, thus, creating a space to get to know new people, or just have a laugh over some beers and gameplay.

Who are we?
A rugged band of gamers eager to share our passions with others! Whatever game you play you are bound to find a kindred soul in our midsts. We come from all walks of life, vary wildly in age and share an interest in meeting new people. We regularly average around 20 or so people, a number of whom don't come through meetup itself so don't be deterred if the numbers seem low, we always get more players than are indicated on our events. We regularly see at least one new person per week in attendance, so if you haven't been before why not make the next new friendly face your own?
We run every week on alternating days, but it's a "come if you can" situation, so no one is ever obligated to attend every session naturally, if you're available and feel like some gaming then we want to see you!

What do we play?
You may be thinking that this sounds like some form of party game gathering, or potentially a pyramid scheme, and to that I would say you're mostly wrong. We enjoy
Euro games, strategy games, ameritrash and social games. A good mixture of classics, brand new releases, kickstarters and all points in between. We strongly encourage bringing along a game or two if there's something you want to play. If not, feel free to arrive and participate in whatever is going.
We welcome gamers of all varieties and at all stages of the hobby, whether you've got 300+ games in your collection, or played Pandemic for the first time with friends on a weekend, or just want to find out what the fuss is with all these new games, we want you!

Anything we don't play?
The classic staple games, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, etc, aren't the kinds of games that you'll find. If these are the last games you've played then I'm confident we have something you would also enjoy.
We don't cater to CCG's, or RPG's either. There are those in our group that do play these games but, due to space and amount of groups that cater to these hobbies, you won't find them here.

The Where's and the When's:
We meet once a week on an alternating pattern of Wednesdays and Thursdays. Always at 6 with plenty of time for members to arrive, have themselves a feed, catch up and get some games running.
Our latest home is the Spottiswoode Hotel in Spotswood. A perfectly situated location just outside of the CBD, close to public transport and with ample parking.

So far we've seen a great bond between our members and active friendships grow, so why not come along?
Because as they say : "don't be a stranger"!

Or Do be a stranger, in this case.

Or whichever sign off it is that makes more sense given our otherwise less confusing group name.

In any event, hope to see you there.


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