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Group is designed for business owners that are wanting plan for succession in their business in the future. Whether this is in 1 year, 5 years or longer preperation ensures your get the maximum benefit from your sucession plan. Getting your business ready for succession is about improving the performance, profitablilty,systems, porcesses, planing and accountanbility of the business.

The group will meet informally to discuss aspects of how to prepare a business and get the most out of the process and how to improve the bottom line to make your business attractive to investors, purchasers and the like.

Various topics will be covered form how ready is the succession and what you have to do to maximise the return you get.

How to plan an succession and the mistakes to avoid.

Will also cover current trends, whats hot and whats not. How long does it take to execue an succession plan and if engagiing assistance,what to look for.

Will be an opportunity for business owners to ask their own questions to demystify the succession planning process.

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